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Binfield Cricket Club League Selectors squad

League Selectors

Club & 1st XI Captain : Mike Staves

Joined from Newport Cricket Club, Yorkshire League and Quarndon Cricket Club, Derbyshire Premier League.

1st XI Captain since 2017

Often pulls a hamstring halfway through the season, might be due to his love of the sweep shot. Gets by on not alot of sleep, loves a commute

2nd XI Captain : Paul Edgington

Been at the club for far too many years!!! And still counting. I am slowly moving down the teams, occasionally scoring some runs and taking a wicket or two. I once dropped a catch to deny my favorite cricketer a career first 5fer. Can often be found wondering about looking for Will Guest, wanting to give him a hug. He loves them.

Regular passenger on the Satuday night Rum Train!

Resident groundsman , so please keep off the grass!

3rd XI Captain : Tim Vines

"I'm sure I wasn't this grumpy or grey until I joined this club........"

4th XI Captain : Stephen Andrews

Weird bowling action seems to take wickets much to the bemusement of the players around me. Often useless batsmen trying to get better. 

Women's XI Captain : Amelia Humphrey

All rounder. Medium fast bowler and middle order batsman.