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Binfield Cricket Club 3rd XI squad

3rd XI

Captain : John Humphrey

Ushering the next generation in to senior cricket via the 3rd xI...

Vice Captain : Chris Jones

Babysitter of drunkards! Lord of Designated Daves and Sunday Skipper. Chris is the resident Saffa-Kenyan.

Thinks he is an All-rounder but can neither bat nor bowl. Thinking about specialising as a Fielder, but cannot catch a ball. He is keen as mustard.

Stephen Andrews

Weird bowling action seems to take wickets much to the bemusement of the players around me. Often useless batsmen trying to get better.

Sunday XI Vice-Captain

Scott Butler
Loves a Marvel hero film. Likes to travel. Bouldering is a bit of alright. Loves a freebie. Coffee addict. Oh and bowls and bats a bit. Good in the deep. Hands made of glue. Good for catching.
Philip Davies

Joined BCC in 2016

Right arm off spinner and middle order batter!

Once was seen hooking the ball off my nose with my eyes closed, love a bit of a chat with the batsman whilst bowling!

Always keen for a club bar sing-a-long drinking session!

Ram Devarakonda

Top order batsman who peaks in September (weather permitting). Can often be seen stretching well into the first hour of the innings, a 2nd proof that he takes his time to warm up.

Daniel Furkins
Big fan of Ricky Gervais! Likes to bowl down leg side. Swindon for life!
Will Guest
Moved down from the North and the best thing I can say about my cricket skills is that I'm committed. Specialist Sunday player now moving into the league scene
Lewis Hall
All rounder. Left hander. Medium paced in-swingers. Likes a cover drive. Loves cricket and has been known to enjoy playing football too.
Richard Higginson
Top order RHB, Saturdays, and other games if the away ground has a nice pub. Firmly believes that shirts should be tucked in and made of cotton not polyester, slogging is rude and inelegant, and helmets are for horse riding.  Famous for having introduced the off drive to Binfield CC.
Amelia Humphrey

All rounder. Fast bowler and middle order batsman. 

Dan Humphrey


Top order batsman and useful medium pace bowler when needed.

Cameron Ireland
Right-hand top order bat. Medium paced bowler. Likes a bit of banter. Good noise levels during the match. Enjoys a leg-side shot...a tidy one.
Harry Jones
Leg spinner
Neil Jones
Last of his kind, a Pinch Hitter. Swing bowler transforming into an off-spinner.
Dom Mathias
Not a bowler. Trying to learn to bat. Got married recently. She's lovely.
Abinandan Venkatraman
Hi my name is Abi and I’m 17 years old. I’ve been playing cricket for the past 8 years 
James Wright

Ex-Skip. Not interested in cricket until temps get above 20, but I keep getting bullied into playing. Reg says I've got important milestones coming up and I can't let myself down. i just want to play golf and hang out at my gaff in France. Leave me alone.

P.S. I pretend to be a miserable sod, but really I am very excited about life.

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