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Binfield Cricket Club 5th XI squad

5th XI

Captain : Rob Carson

Head of the BBC Junior Section, often found in the nets giving throw downs to anyone who wants them. Right arm swing bowler who once got the 'yips' during an was a very very long over!
Scott Butler
Loves a Marvel hero film. Likes to travel. Bouldering is a bit of alright. Loves a freebie. Coffee addict. Oh and bowls and bats a bit. Good in the deep. Hands made of glue. Good for catching.
Adam Carson
Fast bowler, fastest in the league when fit, gets angry and often gets lost in the red mist! Been known to hit some big straight sixes when sent into bat with the 'Phoenix' in his hands!
Isobel Carson
Left hand opening batsman. 
Sugumar Daivasigamani

I am 42 years old played cricket in different friendly cricket clubs for number of years. I can do medium phase bowling and can do batting as middle order.

I have attended Binfield Club’s Few net sessions before the Lockdown.

Philip Davies

Joined BCC in 2016

Right arm off spinner and middle order batter!

Once was seen hooking the ball off my nose with my eyes closed, love a bit of a chat with the batsman whilst bowling!

Always keen for a club bar sing-a-long drinking session!

Suresh Withana

Returning to cricket from a hiatus and looking forward to getting into it! 

RH bat and occasional RH offspin

Performance history