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Sponsoring Binfield Cricket Club

We have a number of sponsors who help us cover some of the day-to-day running costs of our cricket club, and we'd like to say a big thank you to all of them for their support.

But guess what? We don't have enough sponsors! We are currently embarking on several financial plans to upgrade our grounds equipment as well as training facilities (roll on cage and bowling machine).
We have an outstanding cricket square, a beautiful setting, a large and successful junior section with over 120 children playing regular cricket! So we're keen to find more sponsors to help towards our fund raising effort. Here's a few ideas on what we can do for you if you sponsor us:

  • An advertising space along our cricket boundary in full view of our spectators - £350 for the Season -  We have a large footprint. Every day of summer the Club ground is full of either parents of 120 children, spectators of senior cricket as well as the opposition who travel from other Thames Valley clubs.
  • A sponsors logo on our cricket shirts - £500 for 2 Seasons - A great way for exposing your company to a wide audience both at home games and away!
  • A banner advert on our web site - £25 per calendar month for as long as you wish! - With 18000 page views in 2018, that is a wide audience to be exposed to! We will also happily promote your brand on our social media accounts who have a very healthy following.

Please get in touch with us here if you are interested

These are our current proud sponsors!