Binfield Cricket Club News story

Women's Softball Cricket

06 Apr 2021

Women's Softball Cricket @ Binfield Cricket Club is a great way to get back to cricket or if you are a newbie!

This year our Softball Team are excited to be competing in the Berkshire Ladies Softball League.
Women's Softball Cricket has been played at Binfield CC since 2017; and is now an integral part of the club.
For some it is a stepping stone to further develop skills in readiness for a move to Women's Hardball Cricket. For others it is a way to meet friends, be active and be part of a, mildly competitive, team.
Binfield Softball Cricket Team is inclusive to all abilities and all ages and are ready with hand sanitizer and anti bacterial wipes for a Covid safe season ahead.
If you are looking to try something new (without having to run in leg pads and a helmet) then please contact us for further details.