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Binfield Cricket Club News story

Senior Training - Wednesdays from 6pm

24 Apr 2019

Binfield CC Senior Training Programme 2019 starts from this Wednesday every week till the end of the league season in Sept! 

Senior Training is open to all members who wish to play senior cricket on a Saturday/Sunday 

Open Nets (all senior sides)  


Fielding Session (3rd & 4th XI)  


*1st and 2nd XI’s have priority in nets  

Fielding Session (1st & 2nd XI)  


*3rd and 4th XI’s have priority in nets  

The aim of splitting the sessions is to allow more time to practise and hone your skills.  

The ‘fielding sessions’ over the first few weeks will focus on basics and set the standards for the start of the league campaigns for all sides. As the season matures, these sessions can be used to work on individual skills - use of the roll on net, bowling strategies, batting technique (side arm/throw downs) and so on. This will rely on you, as a player, taking ownership for your own game! If you feel there is something you want to improve this is your opportunity to use me or your teammates to do so.  

The open net sessions, number dependent, we will run structured nets with game scenarios and possibly bowlers bowling 6 balls in a row (get that bowling fitness up!). Again, we won’t know if this will be achievable until we have gauged numbers over the first few weeks.  

Before the session this week (24th April) we will speak to sides (Captains and myself) to highlight standards and the theme training will take over the season.  

Thanks and hope to see you Wendesday! 

Matt Humphrey 
Senior Lead Coach)

Any questions please dont hesitate to get in touch....