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Binfield Cricket Club 3rd XI squad

3rd XI

Captain : John Humphrey

Ushering the next generation in to senior cricket via the 3rd xI...

Vice Captain : Chris Jones

Babysitter of drunkards! Lord of Designated Daves and Sunday Skipper. Chris is the resident Saffa-Kenyan.

Thinks he is an All-rounder but can neither bat nor bowl. Thinking about specialising as a Fielder, but cannot catch a ball. He is keen as mustard.

Mahesh Acharya
Left-arm medium pace (swing)
Stephen Andrews

Weird bowling action seems to take wickets much to the bemusement of the players around me. Often useless batsmen trying to get better.

Sunday XI Vice-Captain

James Bennett
Medium-fast bowler and mid-order batsman, making a comeback after 10+ years out of club cricket. 
Jim Browning
Right hand bat, right arm bowler. Aspirations of being a wicket keeper....Always injured but now has a new bionic skeleton. 
Cameron Davies
 Wicket keeper and middle order batsman. Part time bowler...with wickie kit off or on.
Ram Devarakonda

Top order batsman who peaks in September (weather permitting). Can often be seen stretching well into the first hour of the innings, a 2nd proof that he takes his time to warm up.

Will Guest
Moved down from the North and the best thing I can say about my cricket skills is that I'm committed. Specialist Sunday player now moving into the league scene
Tony Hesketh

Trying to see out my twilight years playing a bit of cricket and a few beers for afters.

Amelia Humphrey

All rounder. Fast bowler and middle order batsman. 

Dan Humphrey


Top order batsman and useful medium pace bowler when needed.

Harry Jones
Leg spinner // 14
Neil Jones
Last of his kind, a Pinch Hitter. Swing bowler transforming into an off-spinner.
Dom Mathias
Not a bowler
Joel Snelling


Fast-medium bowler

RH bat

Performance history